What are packages?

A package is a block of sessions purchased all at once. By purchasing a package, you take advantage of savings. See pricing for further information.

What is a session?

A session is equivalent to 3 hours of hands-on work. 

Are you a maid service?

No silly, we are offering a solution to your cluttered space! We want to help you learn how to organize so you can be more efficient in your everyday routine.

Do you require me to work with you?

Kick up your feet and watch your clutter disappear or work by my side and learn the tricks of the trade!

I am very attached to my items. Are you going to force me to throw things out?

Definitely not! We understand that items hold sentimental value and we want you to be comfortable with the end result! We will find a happy medium to achieve results that cater to your level of comfort.